Manufacturing success

"Quantum Lead has helped us streamline our Sales Process to expedite our growth"

- Ahn-Tai Vuong, President, Northwind


DuroVac has spent over 30 years building a reputable brand within the industrial vacuum industry. With growing sales and an increasing array of products and services, DuroVac was looking for Salesforce Consultants who could understand their specific B2B sales process aligned to technical sales. 

Quantum Leads consultants, balancing technical sales experience with Salesforce Consulting expertise, and engineering backgrounds, were the ideal fit. 


Quantum Lead helped DuroVac steamline its sales process across multliple countries and platforms. 

Focus on Sales: 

B2B Advantage with Quantum Lead 

5x ROI on project within 6 months of launch

5% Revenue Increase 

40% Increase in AOV


DuroVac continues to grow. 

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