Retail Success

Omnichannel Loyalty

Seamless Rewards Online and In-Store

"Quantum Lead is my outsourced Technology Department."

- Jordan Edwards, CEO of Mixology

1.3M+ in Revenue Generated YTD

90% Emails Captured in Store

85% Data Accuracy Increase


Mixology Clothing Company is a fast-fashion retail company with over 10 stores in the NYC Area. With continued growth in-store, and a booming online business, Mixology works with Quantum Lead as their trusted partner for their increasing Omnichannel Technology needs. An innovative retailer, Mixology focuses on how technology can better serve their customers every day. Salesforce's Service Cloud has become their single source of truth for understanding their customers in a holistic, harmonized manner to enable Growth, Retention, and Loyalty.


Mixology launched a new Omnichannel Loyalty Program, Mixology ELITE, to reward their best customers and retain their new customers. Quantum Lead helped Mixology implement the loyalty software with custom integrations to, Shopify Plus, Salesforce Service Cloud, and the Mixology Legacy Point of Sale (POS) system. Mixology customers can now seamlessly earn and redeem rewards online and in-store with dynamic point promotions for contests, sales, and more.


Mixology sustains its incredible growth through their relentless dedication to customers. The Loyalty program was a huge opportunity to give back to them. It also led to increased Average Order Values, more frequent Orders, and a significant growth in Customer Lifetime Spend. The positive effects of the Loyalty program were more pronounced In-Store and during Peak Seasons, which makes it unique among technology solutions. Quantum Lead continues to work with Mixology to help them better understand and serve their customers with improved omnichannel experiences.