Retail Success

Omnichannel Clientelling:

Personalized Shopping through Customer Segmentation, improved Retention with tailored Marketing

"Quantum Lead is my outsourced Technology Department."

- Jordan Edwards, CEO of Mixology

5x ROI on project within 6 months of launch

$500k in Attributable Revenue in 1st Year

42% Increase in AOV


Mixology Clothing Company is a fast-fashion retail company with over 10 stores in the NYC Area. With continued growth in-store and a booming online business, Mixology works with Quantum Lead as their trusted partner for their increasing Omnichannel Technology challenges. An innovative retailer, Mixology focuses on how technology can better serve their customers every day, and Salesforce's Service Cloud has become their single source of truth for understanding their customers in a holistic, harmonized manner to enable Growth, Retention, and Loyalty.


By adapting a RFM Model (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) with additional data such as Age, Location, and Store Preference, Quantum Lead helped Mixology segment their customers to provide personalized shopping experiences with targeted Marketing. Customers' online and in-store activities were centralized in Salesforce Service Cloud by creating a custom integration with their Legacy PoS (Point-of-Sale) and their Shopify Plus e-Commerce Platform to identify new opportunities to delight customers.


Through custom Salesforce-powered dashboards and automated reminders, store staff could directly engage with customers and inform them of specific styles and brands matched to their needs. This included a branded mobile app for ease of access for store managers and associates.  


Mixology sustains their incredible growth through their relentless dedication to customers. With unique campaigns for each customer segment, they were able to increase order frequency, boost average order value, and target their customers with the highest CLVs (Customer Lifetime Value). One of the most successful campaigns was to have a Store Manager call the most Loyal Customers who had not shopped in 90 days. Within 15 days of a phone call, 30% of customers made a larger than average purchase in-store or online. We provided not only the technology expertise to harmonize the data but also the innovative customer strategies to maximize growth.