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Increased sales and customer retention through improved segmentation and data-driven insights.

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Retail Gets Personal with Mixology: News
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Mixology Clothing Company is a fast-fashion retailer with over ten NYC area stores. With continued growth in-store and a booming online business, they were doing a great job at clienteling but were looking for a way to scale up the data they were collecting.

Mixology's objective was to understand their audiences better to deliver customized experiences that delighted customers, increased customer retention, and helped the business sustain its growth.

Retail Gets Personal with Mixology: About


Quantum Lead is a technology and strategy consulting firm. We are engineers with business experience who create tailor-made solutions for retailers who want to be more customer-centric and grow their business, which we did in our partnership with Mixology.

By establishing Salesforce's Service Cloud as Mixology's single source of truth for all customer data, we obtained data-driven insights into consumer shopping habits.

In practice, sales associates could then engage directly with customers through custom Salesforce-powered dashboards, automated reminders, and a branded mobile app at the store level. This data allowed store managers and associates to recommend items reflecting the consumer's personal style preferences.

These insights and data allowed Mixology to understand their customer and develop a segmentation strategy to enable growth, retention, and loyalty.

Retail Gets Personal with Mixology: About

Jordan Edwards, CEO, Mixology Clothing Company

"What sets Quantum Lead apart is their leadership team. Engineers who understand business. QL took the time to understand Mixology’s people, processes, and technology, before jumping headfirst into our projects.

This has resulted in a dynamic partnership where we attack problems and solve business issues. It is an honor working alongside this talented team.”

Retail Gets Personal with Mixology: Quote


Thanks to our work together, Mixology sustains their incredible growth through their relentless dedication to customers.

One of the most successful campaigns that they delivered included engaging the most Loyal Customers who had not shopped recently. Within 15 days of a tailored engagement, 30% of customers made a larger than average purchase in-store or online.


With unique campaigns like this one, they were able to reach each customer segment, and:

Increase Order Frequency

Boost AOV

(Average Order Value)

Target their customers with the highest CLVs

(Customer Lifetime Value)

Retail Gets Personal with Mixology: About

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