Welcome to the Quantum State

We believe that the world's most successful companies operate in a quantum state: they marry technological mastery with a relentless dedication to serving customers. That is why we created Quantum Lead.

As a technology and strategy consulting firm, Quantum Lead helps companies develop customer-centric solutions. We serve clients in an agile manner, combining people, process, and technology for proven results.

The Quantum Lead ADVANTAGE

What makes Quantum Lead unique is our ability to master the people + process + technology equation in delivering tailor-made solutions. We understand that customer-centric business results require all three ingredients, and we make it our priority to bring proven best practices to our clients.







Quantum Lead is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Montréal and Toronto, Canada. We believe in the value of face-to-face meetings, so you can expect us to knock on your door and roll up our sleeves to produce some amazing results hand-in-hand with your team. Connect with us by phone, email, or in-person; we are always happy to come by your office to meet you and your team. 

Because we are proud of our origins, we engage with the communities across our three hubs through pro-bono work and events aimed at enriching each city's tech ecosystems. 


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Quantum Lead is a technology and strategy consulting firm. We are engineers with business experience, who help companies be more customer-centric. We develop and implement strategic solutions to maximize growth. Our agile, data-driven approach allows companies to achieve unprecedented business results with less time and resource investment.

New York. Montréal. Toronto.


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email: contact@qlead.io

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