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Revolutionize your operations with real-time data, right on time

Enhance your productivity, streamline organizational workflows, and foster seamless cross-departmental communication with a platform built for the evolving retail landscape.

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How we can help

Our team of Slack Certified Consultants is experienced in delivering Slack services to clients across industries, with a focus on retail. We specialize in quickstart projects for small brands and full digital transformations for multinational enterprises. 

What we do

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Our experts customize Slack experiences with grid design, governance, and channel optimization, covering provisioning, platform design, integrations, and policies.

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Through comprehensive training, we empower seamless Slack adoption and ongoing maintenance for admins and users alike.


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We assist clients in channel strategies, ensuring effective pre-launch with communication plans and change management.

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We ensure launch readiness with live training for admins and users, supplemented by recordings and guides. Managed services provide ongoing strategic and technical support.

+26% increase in team member engagement

Source: FY23 Customer Success Metrics, Salesforce, survey of 143-149 Slack retail users, July 2022

How Quantum Lead has helped companies make Slack their digital HQ:

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Elevated Internal

Foster seamless interdepartmental collaboration and real-time employee engagement to streamline workflows and strengthen team cohesion.

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Empower employees to seamlessly submit internal requests, eliminating the need to switch between applications.

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Optimize Employee

Boost new employee productivity through automated communications and personalized learning journeys, expediting their integration into the team and company culture.

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Salesforce Integration

Enhance team-based selling and automate daily KPI objective messages directly to your store teams.

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Customer Insights

Gain real-time actionable insights into your customers and leverage third-party apps to enhance engagement.

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Enhance Employee

Boost engagement and response rates through embedded surveys, obtaining actionable insights instantly with customizable feedback workflows.

Unlock the power of Slack with Quantum Lead to boost productivity, streamline communication, and enhance collaboration across your organization.


Our expertise ensures swift adaptation and responsiveness, efficient feedback loops with head office teams, seamless customer engagement through third-party integrations, and effective communication with operations teams.

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Slack has become a powerful tool for Mixology.


Before 2020, we relied on a mix of email and text messages. But when the pandemic hit and we introduced Slack, our daily communications soared to hundreds, even thousands of interactions, creating an incredible level of connectivity that would not have been feasible before.


Being a fashion and clothing business, Slack has been a game-changer, allowing seamless collaboration with employees and external partners.

Jordan Edwards

CEO Mixology Clothing Company

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Core Platform

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