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Quantum Lead is a technology and strategy consulting firm that enables companies to thrive and exceed the steep expectations of today's consumers. We are engineers with business experience who speak your language and develop solutions. Whether you operate in a B2B or B2C setting, we will leverage our people, processes and technological expertise to help you succeed. We excel in our work within the retail, community, and manufacturing sectors. 

"What sets Quantum Lead apart is their leadership team. Engineers who understand business. QL took the time to understand Mixology’s people, processes, and technology, BEFORE jumping headfirst into our projects. What has resulted is a dynamic partnership where we attack problems and solve business issues. It is an honour to work alongside this talented team.”

Jordan Edwards

CEO, Mixology Clothing Company

Registered salesforce partners

We are Salesforce Consultants & Developers. Every member of our team is Salesforce-certified.



Use templates to accelerate your transformation with simple, easy steps to get started in an agile manner.

Digital Transformation

Accelerate and implement to compete in the 21st century. Optimize for growth and speed. 

Custom Development

Our team of developers will build your vision into reality. API integrations, full-stack reviews.

Salesforce Setup

CRM & Marketing Automation Services (MAS) setup to better understand your customers.

Tech Vision

Develop your strategic vision for Salesforce and its connected apps to choose how technology will empower your organization.

Training Support

We will answer all of your questions while training your team for improved organizational performance and increased Salesforce IQ.


Harmonize data from multiple sources for omnichannel analysis and improved decision-making.

Master Omnichannel in the Retail Renaissance



Quantum Lead can help you master your omnichannel strategy and technology. We help you understand your customers across all of your channels and platforms, as you leverage holistic customer data from online interactions and in-store shopping. Whether you are a brick-and-mortar company looking to expand online, or an ecommerce brand adding physical stores, we have the solution for you. 


Scale your business through industry-leading technology tailored to your needs.



Additional Verticals

Along with our strong retail focus, we also support additional verticals.


At Quantum Lead, we leverage years of manufacturing experience across North America and Europe to help companies understand how data flows through their organization to optimize processes.


Ensure that you are compliant with regulations and able to track and report with seamless integrations. 


Our team holds leadership positions in local and global non-profits. These organizations need consulting as much as large companies. We offer special services to non-profits, charities, and schools to do our part to give back.


We are engineers by education, and business professionals by vocation; we speak your language. Great technology needs strategy to become a great business.


We love helping all types of technology companies, including start-ups, commercialize their products and leverage data for continuous improvement. 

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Quantum Lead is a technology and strategy consulting firm. We are engineers with business experience, who help companies be more customer-centric. We develop and implement strategic solutions to maximize growth. Our agile, data-driven approach allows companies to achieve unprecedented business results with less time and resource investment.

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